Nice guys

thThere’s a popular saying that “Nice guys finish last”, but why? Wouldn’t it make sense for women to like nice guys? After all they are being nice, right?

Something doesn’t add up here. If you read my last post on The art of giving you might already see where I’m getting at. Nice guys expect to get something back for being nice. That’s their main problem, they are not actually being nice, they just appear to be.

If you are a nice guy remember it’s not your fault, you’ve been dealt bad cards from the beginning. I won’t go into more detail about this right here but let’s just say you learned this behavior from somewhere.

So nice guys finish last, what does that lead to? Desperation, the absolute worst thing you can have when dealing with women. The nice guys life is a life living in hell, only he never chose to be there.

The solution is to learn how to truly give and realizing what women really want, which is to be loved. See Equation of life.

On empty space

aetherBefore the theory of general relativity (link) it was believed that empty space is filled with Aether (link), a fluid or gas having no or very little internal friction.

Later it was replaced with the mathematical field and the Aether was deemed not to exist. For some reason this never played well with me, it just didn’t feel right, replacing something physical with something mathematical. So I began the quest to find the Aether, many years ago.

One day I was playing around with an idea, seeing a similarity between electrical voltage (link) and physical pressure (link). Knowing that the Ampere (link) is just an arbitrary definition I thought what do I have to do such that voltage is equal to pressure? Turns out if we define the Ampere to be m^3/s (ie. volume per second) the electrical voltage has the same unit as physical pressure, that being the Pascal (link).

This alone is nothing special, you can turn one quantity into anything you want by changing the Ampere. What’s interesting is what happens with other units of measurement once we redefine the Ampere as such.

Most importantly being the magnetic vector potential (link), which turns into kg/(m^2*s), ie. momentum density (link). Where does this point us? Right, to a fluid system. It even says on the wikipedia page:

In continuous systems such as electromagnetic fields, fluids and deformable bodies, a momentum density can be defined, and a continuum version of the conservation of momentum leads to equations such as the Navier–Stokes equations for fluids or the Cauchy momentum equation for deformable solids or fluids. (link)

Changing the Ampere to volume per second shows that classical electrodynamics describes a fluid system, just using a different set of units. To me this is proof that the Aether exists, because we know the equations are correct and they show that empty space is a fluid or gas.

There is a big debate in the physics community about which is physical, the electric and magnetic potentials or the electric and magnetic fields? Let me tell you what is physical: The god damn Aether! How can a mathematical notion ever be physical in the first place? But that is besides the point.

It is well known that the Michelson-Morley experiment (link) supposedly disproved the existence of an Aether. But they only tested for an Aether drag tangentially to the surface of the earth. Who said the Aether needs to be stationary around the earth? That’s just one possibility of an infinite set.

What if the Aether flows towards the center of the earth, causing gravity and in turn transforming itself into new matter causing the earth to expand which explains how earth was created and why the continents look like they used to be connected together as a whole piece, which they where because they fit together perfectly on a smaller earth. How about that?

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The art of giving

13717-giving_newsIn my previous post I mentioned giving love as a fundamental component of life. I’m by no means a professional philosopher, nor do I have any formal education in the field. Still I think I can do some good here.

It’s important to note that giving has to be done without expecting any returns. Otherwise it is not giving in the first place, anything you are given back is a bonus. Not to mention the awkwardness that results from expecting returns.

Another aspect is giving up control, when you give something it’s out of your control if you ever get anything back. For some people this is very hard to do, I know that I have this problem. But once you are aware of the issue you can choose to overcome it.

Of course everyone’s time and resources are limited, we cannot give everything we have to everybody. I think it makes sense to focus our giving to the people who give back the most. But we also have to consider their ability to give back, for example if you decide to or already have kids, it’s obvious that you will be giving a lot more to your kids than you will ever get back.

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Equation of life

ostumes-accessories-costumes-sexy-japaneseThe day after Christmas Eve I was just minding my own business, being hungover I was preparing to eat some vegetarian soup, at 5 PM the first meal of the day. Suddenly it hit me, out of nowhere, I knew immediately this is it, after almost 10 years of searching I was finally given the answer.

For so long I was struggling with life, trying to figure out what it is about. I knew it cannot be a random coincidence, like a big bang and suddenly we are here and don’t know what to do. Many times people told me: Just enjoy your life dude. But how? I achieved many things that when I was little I could only dream about. But still I wasn’t happy, there was something that I was missing.

What I was missing is a woman in my life, because I could never figure out: What do women want? A good looking muscular guy? A guy of high social status? A guy with good game? An alpha male? A funny guy that makes them laugh? A confident guy? A guy with lots of money? A guy with lots of power? Everything of the above?

Let’s ask the internet. Let us google “what do women want”:

  • “A woman really doesn’t want much from a man.” (link)
  • “Sigmund Freud famously asked the question, but he didn’t have an answer.” (link)

Awesome, here we are, having no clue and the internet has none too!

The answer is so simple and true it will blow your mind: Women want to be loved!!! Can you believe this? How did we miss this? It’s not about you doing or having anything, it’s about you giving love to her!!!

There are many ways to give love and I’m surely missing at lot of them, but here is what I know right now:

  • Giving her attention
  • Caring about her
  • Listening to her
  • Hugging her
  • Caressing her
  • Kissing her
  • Making love to her

Moreover, it’s not about you being good enough for a woman, it’s about her wanting your love or not! No more fear of rejection! She simply doesn’t want your love, no big deal, just move on or be friends.

At this point it becomes obvious that men want the same thing: Men want to be loved also! Thus I give you the equation of life: Giving love = Happiness.

This is the greatest Christmas gift one can receive and I’ll be forever thankful for it.

Now I shall fulfill my mission to spread the message.

So long,


Update: I wasn’t expecting to get so much negative feedback on this post. It seems that most of the criticism boils down to:

  1. Women actually want to be treated badly.
  2. It’s too simple and naive or too good to be true.

Let me first address number one: Sorry, but you are wrong.

The second point is a valid concern. People are complicated and there’s plenty of pain and suffering. But that doesn’t mean the fundamental equation of happiness has to be something dark and sinister. In fact it has to be something good, otherwise we wouldn’t exist. If abusing people would make us happy we would self destruct. The fact that we are still alive despite all the agony supports my hypothesis.